2017……a year of reflection and a year to be proud of for being alive.

With it starting off pretty badly having to endure chemotherapy again which controlled most of my daily life and made me feel utterly rubbish, by the spring I had successfully completed another 6 rounds. And since finishing I have been able to start rebuilding my life once again. I also began the year in a sling from my shoulder operation and after having had hardly any movement in my shoulder since the operation, after an intensive week of physio, on-going hydrotherapy sessions and determination I have been able to get some movement back in my arm allowing me to drive again and do certain things I thought would never be possible. And 2017 also saw me finally finish my breast reconstruction with my final operation in July and tattoos in November which has been a huge relief to get ticked off the list.

But although 2017 has had many hard moments it has also been an amazing one. For the past 6 months I have had some fantastic times.

Firstly holidays – wow where do I start. From sailing on a yacht around Croatia, drinking champagne in France, seeing lots of places in Italy, swimming with turtles in the Maldives and ice skating in the snow in New York have all been incrediable in their own rights. And it has been amazing sharing these experiences with both family and friends.

Secondly it has been an hard year getting my head around the idea I will never be able to have children but although this has brought me much sadness I have been surrounded by new babys with the exciting news I was made God mummy to baby Elliot and become an honory Auntie to my best friends baby Benji. So many cute cuddles from these 2 beautiful boys and I treasure every minute spent with them. And it was lovely welcoming other friends little girls baby Orla and baby Elsie into the mix a few weeks ago. The special times spent with these gorgeous babies has been wonderful and I hope they continue to bring joy to my life.

I have also had great fun starting to get things ticked off my
Lauras Life is For Living List which has seen me visit the races at Ascot for ladies day, watch my first rugby match at Twickenham, read the weather on TV and my favourite task….getting my furbaby Tilly. And talking of Tilly (she arrived in our family in February) she has been amazing. A chance for me to become a sort of mummy, and to have such lovable company when I don’t feel so great. She has brought so much joy to both mine and brads life, gets me up and out in the mornings even when I don’t feel like it and has helped make our family complete.

And so we end the year and start the next with more excitement as we move into our new home which finally has a garden for Tilly and an opportunity for us to make a proper home which we look forward to hosting many bbq’s and parties at. Its also great for me and Brad to start fresh in a home not surrounded by the memories of cancer all the time.

And talking of my health, so far it is stable. My treatment is currently working and I’m here, alive and able to welcome 2018 in with open arms, to enjoy the last few months of my 20’s and celebrate turning 30 in April. I just want a simple, no fuss or drama kinda year.

Living with secondary cancer means life is uncertain and nothing can be taken for granted. The next few months may change everything and although things look good currently and I am looking forward to the year ahead, the only new years resolution I shall be making is to spend as much time with Brad, my friends and family doing lots of nice things, eating too much chocolate, drinking too much wine and making plenty of memories with each and every loved one. And of course to make sure I am still here this time next year!!

Let’s make 2018 a good one!

Happy New Year Everyone. Xxxx


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